Alexander & Associates LTD

1410 Sheridan Road1410 Sheridan Road Wilmette, IL

  • Description

    7 story apartment building with a poured concrete frame and masonry/precast concrete exterior walls.

  • Construction Cost (Walls)


  • Construction Cost (Windows)


  • Completion Date

    Completion of Walls: Autumn 1992

    Completion of Windows: Spring 1991

Scope of Services

Because this 30 year old lake front building was experiencing excessive water and air infiltration, ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was called upon to determine the cause(s) of the infiltration, prepare the necessary repair documents and provide construction administration.  Additionally, the exterior wood windows were showing excessive glazing bead deterioration and wood frame rot. ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was directed to restore the masonry and precast concrete exterior to its original condition, and to replace all of the windows throughout the building.  The work included masonry and precast concrete repair, tuckpointing, caulking and window replacement.  During the course of the exterior wall investigation, a lack of flashing was discovered at the supporting steel shelf angles below the precast concrete panels.  Additionally, the stability of the precast concrete anchors became questionable.  Because it was extremely difficult to remove the precast concrete panels to facilitate the repairs, and because of the high repair costs associated with removal, it was decided to pin the precast panels to the structural frame. Both exterior wall and window projects included the preparation of repair drawings and specifications, bid solicitations, evaluation of bids received and recommendations for contract award.  Construction administration included close-up inspections at each scaffold drop.  The replacement windows selected were aluminum TRACO 5000 Series, double-hung.  All window have ridged rubber thermal break material within the sash and frame to separate the exterior from the interior to control condensation.