Alexander & Associates LTD

Hawthorne Place II Condominium1100 West Cornelia Chicago, IL

  • Contact

    Mr. Jim Gully
    Property Manager
    Lake Shore Property Management, Inc.
    1640 North Wells Street
    Chicago, IL 60614

  • Description

    2 & 3 story loft condominium apartment building in the Wrigley Field neighborhood.  Original roof was a smooth surface single-ply modified bitumen in poor condition.

  • Construction Cost


  • Completion Date

    Winter 1996

Scope of Services

Originally converted in the late 1980's, this loft condominium apartment building had never undergone a major roof restoration program when converted.  ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was called upon to evaluate the condition of the roof and exterior walls, prepare the necessary reroofing documents and provide construction administration services during the course of the work. Services included preliminary evaluation of the roof membrane in various locations, followed by the preparation of repair drawings and specifications.  Services also included bid solicitation, evaluation of bids received and a recommendation for contract award.  Construction administration included in-progress reroofing inspections on a bi-weekly basis. Roof membrane selected was SBS single-ply, mopped down, modified bitumen with a granular surface.  A complete restoration of the masonry exterior walls and parapets was included in the project.