Alexander & Associates LTD

October 01, 2013

Wolfram Towers Exterior Restoration

The exterior restoration at Wolfram Towers is now complete.Wolfram Towers is a four-story masonry building over a raised ground floor consisting of four sections.

The work comprised tuckpointing at the five story masonry condominium as well as brick and concrete masonry unit repairs. Also a part of the job was coping replacement and new membranes on the concrete balconies.

October 15, 2013

Winston Towers Garage Restoration

Alexander & Associates, Ltd. is pleased to announce that the restoration of the two-level, 67,000 square foot garage at Winston Towers 5 is about to begin.

The garage restoration encompasses repairs to the upper level slab and will repair damaged concrete and columns to which have begun to deteriorate due to exposure to water and salts brought in by automobile traffic.  

October 25, 2013

Fort Sheridan Stair Reconstruction

Alexander & Associates has been selected to prepare drawings and supervise construction for the reconstruction of an exterior stairway at the historic Fort Sheridan Tower Barracks.

The stairs are part of new construction which converted the former military barracks into modern residential units. The stair had been seperating from the adjacent wall and required reconstruction which Alexander & Associates will supervise. 

Alexander & Associates expects construction to begin later this winter.