Alexander & Associates LTD

1440 North Lake Shore Drive1440 North Lake Shore Drive Chicago, IL

  • Client

    1430 North Lake Shore Drive
    Chicago, IL

  • Contact

    Ms. Cathy Horvath
    Building Manager
    1440 North Lake Shore Drive
    Chicago, IL 60610
    (312) 644-2428

  • Description

    34-story apartment building in the heart of the Gold Coast.  Masonry and concrete exterior walls with sliding windows.

  • Walls


  • Windows


  • Completion Date

    Winter 1997

Scope of Services

Originally built in the early 1960's, this masonry and concrete apartment building needed extensive masonry, concrete, sealant and windows, followed by the preparation of repair drawings and specifications.  Services also included bid solicitation, evaluation of bids recieved and a recommendation for contract award.  Both the exterior wall repair project and the replacement window project were extensively monitored from a moveable scaffold during the course of the work to ascertain compliance with contract docements and payout values.