Alexander & Associates LTD

Harrison Street Lofts547 South Clark Street Chicago, IL

  • Contact

    Ms. Patricia Ashley
    Board President
    547 South Clark Street
    Chicago, IL 60605

  • Description

    Fourteen-story converted loft in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood.

  • Exterior Walls


  • Sidewalk Vaults


  • Balcony Metalwork


  • Roof Estimate


  • Completion Date

    Summer 2006

Scope of Services

Originally built in 1923 as a warehouse, Harrison Street Lofts was converted to condominiums in 1997 with the addition of a five-storey EIFS clad structure on top of the existing structure.  ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. initially prepared an engineering study and a reserve study for the Association followed by several City of Chicago Critical and Ongoing inspections/reports.   Following these inspections, Alexander & Associates, Ltd. directed the repair of failed masonry in the northwest building corner.  Current projects include the restoration of failed sidewalk vaults, restoration of balcony metalwork and replacement of the main roof.