Alexander & Associates LTD

Cary Town Center RedevelopmentVillage of Cary Cary, IL

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    Mr. Damien Wren
    Board President
    Damien T. Wren & Associates
    77 West Washington St. Suite 1009
    Chicago, IL 60602

  • Description

    Preliminary design for a Village funded facade improvement program including landscaping, signage and parking.

Scope of Services

When this northwest suburban town rewrote their comprehensive plan, they decided to look into ways to spruce up and redevelop the town center.  ALEXANDER & ASSOCIATES, LTD. was called upon to provide preliminary design services and develop ideas for the town center redesign.  Design ideas included the introduction of landscaped seating areas at strategic intersections, the introduction of uniform building mounted light fixtures and canvas canopies, the introduction of uniform street furniture and a new sign ordinance especially tailored to the needs of the town center.  Included also were preliminary studies for a reorganized traffic flow through the town center, a park walk along the central pond and dockside features such as outdoor dining and recreational areas.


Services included meetings with representative property owners and Village staff members.  This phase was followed by the preparation of preliminary design sketches aimed at enhancing the new comprehensive plan.